Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lewis Black - Anticipation

I like Lewis Black. Before The Daily Show turned into The McNeil Lehrer Report, I used to tune in pretty regularly especially to see him. Incidentally, whatever happened to Dave Attell's recurring Ugly American character?. The return of that bit might almost sway me back, that or Jon Stewart's imminent move to the late night tv. Black's been releasing records and doing stand-up for much longer than he's been successful, but luckily his thinking man's Kinison personae has caught on in recent years. He certainly deserves it, and I can certainly relate to his raging incredulity. Anticipation won't win him any more new fans, but it damn sure isn't going to lose him any either. Trust me: If you like Lew, you'll like this. However, it's important to point out that it won't make you even close to being as politically astute as your pretentious knee-jerk ass thinks you are. Have a nice day and buy Anticipation here

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