Friday, October 1, 2010

Dan Padilla - As The Ox Plows

My blundering across the video for The Last Arrivals reminded me that I was well past getting off my ass and notifying you all that there is a new Dan Padilla record called As The Ox Plows and they are giving it away for free. This is very much a good thing. Essential Tiltwheel with Matty from Madison Bloodbath in the ranks and Gene rather than Davey singing lead, the Dan Padilla apples don't fall all that far from the Tiltwheel tree. The dual guitar thing livens the proceedings up a bit, but like you see in the video, it's still beer and burrito driven San DiEsco punk rock with raspy vocals and big old hooks done by guys that have been around the block a bit. You would figure that the shared membership and the fact that Tiltwheel have a new record out would get us some Northeast shows, but it appears that it will continue to not be the case. It's a shame, as DP are more than a little indebted to much-loved-by-JS-NYC Ben Deily-era Lemonheads to these ears. Musical antecedents aside, As The Ox Plows is 12 songs that will take up residence in your head and squat it for weeks after you hear them. Get it for free via this link here and lobby their asses to get NY way.


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