Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Live: aldenbarton @ Rose Live Music 10.16.10

It's been way too long since aldenbarton has deigned to grace the stages of our fair Gotham. Not that they've been totally idle, as they do a fair amount of time in their alter ego of 57th Street, wherein they back the stellar Jason Anderson at some of his band performances, but with the prospect of the utterly depressing CMJ looming, it was nice to have a known quantity.

This show was a benefit for the good folk of LitWorld, who evidently do good works revolving around literacy for the less fortunate. Safe money is on the drummer and singer thinking that this was some sort of way to further their respective alcohol problems, but sadly their Granite State dreams of a besotted indie pop friendly world may have to go unrealized for another day.

I didn't catch much of The Dang-It Bobbys, but seem to recall some sort of a bluegrass thing going on. Aldenbarton were up in short order after, making the most of a small stage and somewhat underskilled FOH person to knock out a solid 40 minutes. A couple new songs are in the set, hinting at more of a roots rock sound down the line. Jason sat it for the last four or five songs, adding some sweet guitar and lending a bit of a Robbie Robertson vibe to the proceedings that fired up the room nicely. The boys did well despite the not-especially-great sound and the somewhat less than typical (read non-show going) crowd.

Inertia overcome, you can see aldenbarton at the Fort Useless Halloween extravaganza 10/29. Here's a link to their social networking engine with details.


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