Saturday, October 23, 2010

Live: Graham Parker & The Rumour @ Lakeside Lounge 10.21.10

(pic stolen from GODLIS with apologies) Last week week out of the blue, the Graham Parker nerd list had a message posted on it informing all in its scope that GP would be reuniting with his former Rumour bandmates Steve Goulding, Bob Andrews and Martin Belmont for a short set at Lakeside Lounge. Even more wonderfully, my ex-bass teacher Jeremy Chatsky was in the bass slot and Pete Hayes was to be in attendance, albeit in a non-performing capacity. To cap it off, the show was to start at 7. This I like. I rolled up to a full room with a considerably grayer crowd than I usually encounter at Lakeside, along with two camera setups from the upcoming GP documentary. It was Happy Hour and while the bartender was genuinely overwhelmed, he was also the slowest individual I've encountered in years. After 15 minutes with no acknowledgement, I bailed to stake out some real estate while there was some to be had, but before giving up was privy to a fairly hysterical exchange between a regular and said tender where he suggested the crowd was due to CMJ. Maybe a 30th reunion of a college, but as arguably the youngest guy in the room, I can assure you that CMJ had very little to do with the packed room. The gang sans GP played some Johnny Cash and R&B standards for a half-hour or so before The Chairman popped up for a mini-set that included Fool's Gold and White Honey, along with a surprise take on I Love The Sound Of Broken Glass that was pretty aces. Good times all around. Was nice to see Mr. Hayes and Mike Jackson, as well as John Gramaglia and the documentary crew. I got an ok recording of the GP/Rumour part of the set. If you want a copy, e-mail and I'll send you a link.


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