Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tiltwheel - The High Hate Us

For one hell of a great band, it's certainly hard as hell to get those Tiltwheel guys to drop a record. Granted, there is a strong argument to be made that Davey is Tiltwheel (with all respect to J. Wang) and that maybe it's him that's dragging his heels. He's learned from the best, as the comradeship with Team Leatherface has not fostered much in the way of recorded output. Of course, the new(est) D4 record took forever, too.

Recent times found Leatherface dropping their latest and now the unholy trinity has been completed with the release of The High Hate Us. It's on A.D.D. and it is almost worth the wait. Not eleven years worth of wait (and yes, I know about the OWTH split) but still pretty great. Davey is still the best worst guitar player and songwriter out there. There is a hell of a lot of Bivouac-era Jawbreaker in the Tiltwheel sound and it is delivered in the power trio paradigm that all the best music comes in. The song titles are more than a little much (buy it and see), but the songs themselves are top-notch. Vinyl nerds will have to wait a bit, as something has gone awry in production, but you can get it from the expected MP3 vendors and on CD from A.D.D. here. Do that now and harass Davey about those fools hauling their carcasses out East.

Oh, and for the record: no they don't. Not by a long shot.



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one of my favorite albums, I was so blown away when I heard this