Friday, October 29, 2010

Live: Hard Skin with Crazy Spirit @ Bruar Falls 10.25.10

Fat Bob had mentioned at the forgetters show on Friday that Hard Skin were playing on Monday night before they skipped back across the pond. Given the the rarity of their shows and the proximity to Drew's place, it seemed prudent to make it across the water to Colonial Williamsburg. Dru and I rolled up early and ran across the street to Trash to have a beer or three. We got back in time to see most of Crazy Spirit's set, for better or worse. They have been getting a fair amount of MRR/crusty love in recent months, plying the Germ-y kind of punk rock the kids like to overindulge to. Save for the exhoratation before every song for everyone to punch each other in their respective faces, it didn't do too much for me, but it was over quick, too. Keep tabs on them here.

The Hard Skin boys took the stage around the 11 o'clock hour and stirred the room up with a whole lot of Oi! Bruar may be a little small to contain such friskiness, but it was a pretty polite crowd despite the large drunk punk contingent and truth be told, the JS-NYC/ab rock Voltron was no paragon of sobriety by this point either. I had a good time, even given the curious tire deflations I returned to find on my iron steed when we got outside. Luckily, they were deflated and not punctured and Drew had a pump, so the good guys lived to ride another day. Good times all around. Not sure where/if HS are maintaining the web presence in this day and age, but you would do well to spend your weak American dollar on some of their swag and bring them back. Set to Googling, fresh-cut, and remember Hard Skin are good clean-cut fun.



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