Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bill Hicks - The Essential Collection

On the heels of the new doc about Bill Hicks, we have a new cd/dvd set from our friends at Rykodisc called The Essential Collection that features an unreleased two disc audio set from Bill's own archives as well as a gang of unreleased video content, including the oft-referenced Ninja Bachelor Party and a bunch of his stuff from his days as a teenager tearing up Houston clubs. It's all unreleased (although not altogether unheard) and pretty reasonably priced for four discs. For better or worse, you also get a download of some of Hicks' music recorded at Abbey Road. The less said about his music the better, but fans of Hicks and/or comedy in general would do well to get The Essential Collection here, in deluxe package form if you are so inclined, along with a gang of other official Hicks releases.


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