Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swearin' - s/t

Swearin' may very be my favorite new band. They've got the hooky boy-girl jangle rock thing going on that has been really hitting home at JS-NYC HQ, rock that is equal parts David Gedge and Kim Deal. I've seen a decent amount of their local shows and even the most oblivious of fans has to have noticed they've been filling larger and larger rooms  Their first EP What A Dump got a lot of spins at JS-NYC HQ and it was with much rejoicing six months on that news of this eponymous LP came down the pike.

Vinyl for Swearin' comes courtesy of your friends at Salinas Records and those that operate in the strictly digital domain can check out their Bandcamp presence. Twelve songs appear on their debut full-length, with the aces Kenosha and Crushing reappearing from the EP. The ten new songs are pretty aces as well, with Here To Hear and Movie Star topping the list. Looks like we are losing the band to Philly, but those of us that want to love a local hero should step lively here and here to get a piece of their rock while they still have NYC roots.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Live: Teenage Bottlerocket with Nothington @ Santos Party House 8.22.12

Now that I've drank the TBR kool-ade, their twice-a-year or so shows have been must-sees on the JS-NYC docket. The new Freak Out isn't their best, but its definitely catchy enough to get this old guy to pogo a bit. The West Coast dates were with The Dopamines, but sadly they didn't make this leg, in lieu of Nothington and Masked Intruder. MI are a little high-concept for my tastes, but I've been meaning to see Nothington again, the cherry on top being that I didn't have to ride across the water.

I showed up as Nothington were getting under way. They have a SF Hot Water/Leatherface thing going on, something that does little to turn JS-NYC off to the proceedings. They brought it to a half-filled room that definitely had some pretty excited dudes and/or ladies in attendance. Teenage Bottlerocket followed pretty quickly afterwards. kicking things off with a Kepi Ghoulie-esque sign that both ushered in the arrival of the band and suggested we keep in the spirit of the new product and freak out accordingly.

The crowd seemed to need little urging, fostering a fair amount of dumb guy push-mosh countered by aces old guy skanking the likes of which I've not seen in years.  Odd that it would be so prevalent at a Teenage Bottlerocket show, but I'm not arguing. Most of Freak Out and liberal smatterings from their back catalog appeared over the course of the set, to the great delight of nerds of all ages. I'd expect that we'll see TBR doing some more gigs out this way. Here's hoping the signs get left behind next time.

Nothington are here. Teenage Bottlerocket aren't.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Live: Marshall Crenshaw with The Bottle Rockets @ City Winery 8.14.12

After the Hard Skin show the night before, this show rapidly turned into the show after I called in to work and before I hit a work party. I'm not crazy about the City Winery tables and drink minimum vibe they have going, especially in light of the pretty steep ticket pricing, but I am more than willing to see free shows there, especially when the exceedingly aces pairing of Mr. Marshall Crenshaw and Bottle Rockets is on the docket.

Brian didn't make the trip, which proved to be a bit of a bummer, but Bottle Rockets make for a hell of a band whether or not Brian is there singing. His guitar firepower is a wee bit conspicuous in its absence, but the gents have proven to be a pretty aces backing unit for our dear Mr. Crenshaw. My long-term affections still lie with the Graham Maby/Robert Crenshaw power trio incarnation, but this combination is definitely the next best thing.

Things started promptly at 6, with Marshall and the boys romping through a pretty good cross-section of his last 30 years of rocking our ass. While I'm Sorry, But So Is Brenda Lee, didn't find its way into the set, Cynical Girl did, as did Someday and a gang of other songs better than a lot of your favorites.

What started as a somewhat sparse show ended up being pretty damn full at the end. As well it should be and while you certainly couldn't beat the price, it certainly speaks to the Crenshaw drawing power, as this has to be the seventh or eighth time he's played City Winery this year. I'd like to see more shows with the great Graham Maby, but this was a hell of a good time. Props are due to City Winery for doing this series. There are at least a couple more on the docket, so keep your virtual eyes peeled here. Keep track of Marshall here. Bottle Rockets are here.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Hard Skin - We're The Fucking George

Hard Skin are sort of the Crucial Youth of the Oi! set, staying true to the genre but loving it enough to take the piss. We're The Fucking George purports to be singles from the 1978-1981 era and while that is certainly not the case, the bootboy vibe of the era is definitely in full-fledge on this catch-all singles comp.

If these were even ever released as singles, that is. Fifteen 'hits' for your dole dollar here, with most of your live favorites like We Are The Wankers and A Punch Of Pissed Up Cunts representing. Those best trying to approximate the true Hard Skin experience (like being berated by Fat Bob, for instance) would be best suited to check out the Live, Loud & Skinhead bootleg from some years back. Can't speak to how available this is outside of the exceedingly rare live Hard Skin shows, but if you are down for their cause, you would do well to seek We're The Fucking George out.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Live: Hard Skin with Murderess @ Acheron 8.13.12

Hard Skin shows on this side of the pond can be pretty scattershot, but the last couple years have been pretty kind to us Americans in that regard. I would expect that the estimable Ian Dickson has something to do with their popping up in Brooklyn of late. You will find no complaints from JS-NYC, as rarely does an old man get the opportunity for laugh his ass off while he's pumping his fist in the air.

Portland's mostly female metal franchise Murderess opened the proceedings and seemed to do pretty well for attracting a lot of hygenically challenged ladies (and dudes). Not the best thing I've ever heard, but better than a lot of other bands on the grind/metal end of things. They have a couple good tunes and the lead guitar can rip off a lead or two when she's called upon, so we'll keep them on the radar.

The poster for the Hard Skin show they did a year or so ago with Forgetters had the gents in caricature as the Three Stooges. There are considerably less apt corollaries. Hard Skin ply their trade in new(ish) songs based in the sing-along anti-fascist Oi! tunes of yore, with Paddy Costello levels of smart-assdom filling in the spots between. You'd be a fool not to like it, and it didn't seem any of same were in attendance at Acheron. Perhaps they got pushed to the back once the kids started getting frisky, but Hard Skin sure brought it in their usual fashion.

Hard Skin has got a new singles comp called We're The Fucking George that features most, if not all, of your favorites covered in their set. Couldn't tell you where to get it outside of their live shows, but I'd step lively and get yourself a copy with the quickness if I were you.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Live: Wussy @ Mercury Lounge 8.11.12

pic by acidjack, stolen w/apologies
Wussy shows are not generally missed by the JS-NYC franchise and as this run through town ended up being at NYC's best live venue, pains were taken to insure our presence, especially in light of our heroes being inexplicable openers for Philly's (unkn)own Low Cut Connie. Props should be given to LCG for facilitating Wussy's presence, as evidently they had some issues getting noticed/booked at Mercury previously.

I would venture it won't be an issue next time, as Wussy filled the room with equal parts fan and rock in their usual time-honored fashion. Col and I rolled in, said hi to the lovely Essie and posted up just before things jumped off for a ten song run with Funeral Dress. The opening slot precluded things stretching out, but Chuck did offer to show his pecker (quote) to a guy celebrating his birthday, so the teaser set wasn't a total loss. The new Strawberry got a decent amount of love, including a pretty aces swing through Grand Champion Steer. Sadly, no Little Miami, but I expect we'll get Wussy back for a headlining slot soon, especially after their run of dates opening for The Afghan Whigs.

If you missed the show, hopes are high for your having one hell of a good excuse, but you can ease the pain by grabbing the recording the estimable NYCTaper has kindly made available for your downloading pleasure. Get the recording here and use this link keep track of all other things Wussy.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moss Icon at PopMatters


Those as pleased as I was to find that Temporary Residence was/is putting out a Moss Icon discography should use this link and see your boy wax rhapsodic over at PopMatters.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't

I am a hater by nature (yes, Virginia, mostly because I hate you) so given the ubiquity of Rick Ross in this day and age, dollars to donuts Rick Ross is not going to get Lord Finesse levels of props here at JS-NYC. That continues to be the case, but Rozay has been showing good taste in ghostwriting in recent years that has born fruit for him (see: his verse on that Angels remix with Puff & those two broads). Still haven't wrapped my head around B-Team of top-notch weed carriers he's surrounded himself with, but ultimately it probably means more publishing for our hero, so good on him.

So maybe you heard your boy Rozay has dropped a new record called God Forgives, I Don't. I was actually pretty intrigued, as Ross evidently had his writers working overtime on his recent solid guest verses with Nicki and Kanye. Production is big and the beats are decent. Guest stars are on the level of Dr. Dre, Jay, Usher, and even the increasing phobic Andre 3000. By and large, I'd say it's maybe a 3 on an 10 scale. There are a couple decent tracks in the middle of things, and even a surprisingly good Meek Mill verse, but most of the tracks are like the ponderous 911, where Ross just runs down his Amazon Wish List over and over until things grind to a close. I guess crossover rap fans looking for their next 'edgy' acquisition to their iTunes might  think God Forgives, I Don't is a keeper, but JS-NYC sure don't.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Live: Two Cow Garage @ Union Hall 8.4.12 (late)

Hadn't heard that TCG were passing through, but luckily the ever-vigilant Eric gave me the heads-up. Among the things I still like about NYC is the fact that I can get a hardcore matinee in and still make it out to BK (albeit in cranky fashion) and catch some OH rock in the evenings, so post-posicore at ABC, I pre-gamed and posted up downstairs at Union Hall as Uncle Leon and the Alibis were getting under way. Hooked up with Eric and talked to Micah for a sec. Uncle Leon and co were ok. Reminded me a lot of the heydey of the much-missed Hangdogs. Songs were pretty good, but they had a least one of the generic Hank's Saloon alt-country type pandering songs about drinking/smoking and/or fucking that they could drop ASAP, but seemed like an earnest bunch of dudes.

UL & the A's had a little bit of a draw, but the lion's share of the crew were definitely down to see some Two Cow. The gents are back down to a three-piece and may even have another drummer, but managed to knock out a solid dozen tunes in pretty short order, closing with a little romp through an Uncle Tupelo favorite to keep things honest. See them immediately if you haven't and see them again when you can.

Two Cow Garage are yet another jewel in the crown that is the Ohio rock scene. Here's hoping we see a tour with Wussy in the very near future.

Keep track of TCG here in the interim.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Live: Punch @ ABC No Rio 8.4.12 (early)

While they are no Trust, for the most part I've always enjoyed the lady-fronted hardcore stylings of Punch. Their most recent EP Nothing Lasts has found its way into pretty regular rotation here at JS-NYC HQ and the interview in the new Rumpshaker reminded me that they were pretty aces at the shows with Paint It Black last year so I ran down the block to ABC early to get stamped.

Ended up being for not so much of a need, as while the room filled up pretty well, it wasn't a sold out endeavor from our heroes. That eventuality did little to stop the room getting a hell of a lot smaller once Meghan grabbed the mic and Punch set to turning the room into a mini maelstrom of sweaty punks going bananas. It was, with all due respect to the ladies, hot as balls and, should you be wondering, no new climate control technology has been installed in America's Oldest DIY venuetm. Regardless, the Punch Crew brought it despite the usual bad vocal mix. One does hope a proper PA is in the offing for the new space when it jumps off. Things were gone in under a half-hour, allowing for welcome hydration and respite from the olfactory terrorism put forth by the hygenically challenged youth. Looking back, I'm kind of pissed that I didn't make it across the river the next night for the show Death By Audio.

Bask in the nostalgia and/or keep track of what goes on with the Punch crew (like the Euro dates with fucking Negative Approach!) here.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore

So you may remember JS-NYC and special guest star Eric posting up at the (one of the) release show(s) for this 2012 compliant version of The Thing That Ate Floyd comp that Larry released 11 records into the Lookout Records run. While that comp repped mostly for the Bay Area Gilman set, the new version reflects LL's post-Lookout Brooklyn existence and the bands therearound.

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore culls 16 new tracks from the arguable best of the pop-punk crew of today and comes courtesy of Green Day adjunct label Adeline. Some known JS-NYC favorites like The Dopamines and Dear Landlord make appearances,  as do some new favorites like City Mouse and Mean Jeans. On the hater tip, I'm pleased to find that Emily's Army are decent enough, albeit pretty unremarkable, despite their comparatively young ages. Certainly better than any of the recent Green Day output. If you like any of the bands here, you are not going to find a bad track, so step lively to the Adeline web presence here and get yourself a virtual or actual copy.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bottomless Pit - Lottery (2005-2012)

While I was over at the Comedy Minus One web presence grabbing the new Karl Hendricks Trio record, I was also greeted with the exciting news that CMO were re-releasing some of the Joel R.L. Phelps catalog and a Japanese label was releasing all of the Bottomless Pit releases to date as a limited two-disc set called Lottery 2005-2012. Even better, there were three unreleased tracks.

Small progress was made in the JS-OCD in that I didn't get Lottery 2005-2012 for nerd completist cred, but I think we both know that the three new tracks were not not going to be coming down the pike to JS-NYC HQ. They did, and I suspect that there might actually be a small insurrection in my building if they have to hear me play them any more. I'll give the nod to the amped-up version of Winterwind as the best of the three, but the other two only serve to assert that Bottomless Pit are a band with few peers in the rock landscape of today.

Buy the Bottomless Pit catalog as Lottery 2005-2012 or separately here.