Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shang-A-Lang - Waiting For The End

Shang-A-Lang hail(ed) from Las Cruces, New Mexico and purveyed the power trio punk rock that the bearded Razorcake massive eats up with a spoon. I have been known to tenure in those ranks, but Shang-A-Lang never really caught on with me.

Waiting For The End is evidently the band swan song. I though the split they released with Jonesin' was pretty ok, but I never heard the full-length or any other of the million splits they dropped. Historically, that would mean total obsession with their last release and/or having just missed them play live, but for better of worse that is not the case with Waiting For The End. Five songs, with the closing Stinky Shoes probably being the best of the lot. I like them kinda ok, but think I'll stick to the Old Neighbors. This is evidently a joint release between seven (?!) labels, so either get your Google on or investigate via the Shang-A-Lang web presence.


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