Sunday, January 22, 2012

Statik Selektah - Population Control

After 25 years of hip-hop fandom, I can safely say that the current scene is pretty terrible. Sure, there are some young, promising cats like Ortiz and your boy Weezy, but by and large things are shitty with a capital E. The interwebs have fostered a worldwide presence that has helped those that are old-school and metal as prodigiously as those down with the hip-hop, but at least on a local level it's not a great time if your jeans fit and you're not into rocking zircons and a face tat.

Statik Selektah has been holding it down for at least a decade, repping for the caucasian hip-hop set out of Boston. He's dropped a handful of projects like Population Control since 2008 as well as collabos with the likes of Bumpy Knuckles and Saigon, to name but a few, but arguably his biggest presence is his Shade 45 show on Sirius. I bet he DJs out a fair bit, as well. Selektah gets props, and Population Control features enough of the likes of Sean Price and Styles P to keep me mildly interested, but by and large is a lot of new school crap-ola that is definitely backpacker only from where I'm listening. Not full-on Odd Future Asbergers Rap, but definitely Adderall familiar. If that's your thing, peep it here at the double S web presence. I think I'ma stick with the Blastmaster on this one.


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