Saturday, January 7, 2012

Live: Lucero with Lionize @ Brooklyn Bowl 12.30.11

Word is that there is a new Lucero record looming called Women and Work but these shows were a holiday run culminating in a New Year's show in Boston (no fights there, I'm sure). This was my first time to the Brooklyn Bowl and I was pretty pleased at its upscale Fireside vibe. Showed up three hours past doors to still have to see the opening Lionize, a bunch of Charm City dudes who seemed solid individuals, but the Pearl Jam meets Dave Matthews vibe was nothing that rocked my world. An emphatic meh.

Lucero were decent, starting a little more sober than usual and dealing with the every-growing population of Brooklyn ex-pat douches who seem to think our friends from Memphis are a hardcore band with a fanbase that loves being doused in thrown beer. The boys are always quick to tell kids to calm down, but dealing with a bunch of douches that wouldn't last a minute in a real pit has been getting more and more wearisome over the last couple years. The new songs sound promising, but a little half-baked, most featuring horns ala 1372 Overton. Tour dates are booked in the Spring, with a record soon to follow. Check the set list below for a taste of what's in store.


  1. (Jawbreaker cover)
  2. (Partial)
  3. (Unknown)
  4. Ben with Todd and Rick
  5. Mom 
  6. Full Band Returns
  7. Encore:

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