Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wussy - Funeral Dress II

When I saw Dave Bierling at Christmas, he mentioned that he and his lady would be down for a Wussy show. You would think that the mention would burn through my lifestyle issues and get me to check on what was going on with Columbus' finest, but I spaced and only recently found that Team Wussy has been a wee bit more active lately than I would have thought, with a new record called Strawberry coming down the pike. While that is great news, further perusal of the Wussy web presence has brought to light that the band has re-recorded Funeral Dress in its entirety acoustically. 500 copies were pressed up for Record Store Day and sold through Shake It! I'm still working through the new record, but the acoustic Funeral Dress II is without question pretty fucking aces. No radical rearrangements, just further assertion that Funeral Dress is a great record and Wussy a great band. Find out for yourself here and look for them here in NYC on 3/3.


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