Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Live: The Hold Steady @ Brooklyn Bazaar 12.17.11

So The Hold Steady decided to wrap up the year with a couple of shows, pre-Craig solo record duties. After a cold jump across the bridge and Drew saving my stupid ass with a lock loan, I posted up at the Bazaar warehouse space down on Kent.

Man alive is that a big fucking space. So big that I literally had to ask directions to find the ginormous space the rock was being held in. Found Eric and that I had missed the seemingly-decent-personally-but-snooze-o-rific-every-time-I've-seen-them-live Titus Andronicus. Looking at the calendar, I'm bummed that this show wasn't with Fucked Up, but either way they got points for starting on time.

Wasn't the best Hold Steady show I've seen, but this one was remarkable for being a bad Craig show. Not bad bad, but there were some dropped lyrics and the whole vibe was a little off. Sound was good for a cavernous pre-fab space, as was the set. I will continue to carp about the lack of keys in general and Franz in particular, but The Hold Steady are quite a rock force to be reckoned with even on an off night. I'm intrigued to hear what the Craig solo set is like. I hear maybe we'll get some new THS fourth quarter. Stay tuned for details. Set list is below.


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