Thursday, January 5, 2012

Live: For Every Story Untold @ Mercury Lounge 12.19.11

It's always a relief when you go see a friend's band and they aren't terrible. As all my musician friends seem to be drummers currently, the kit was the initial reason for me posting up, but its always a pleasure to go to NYC's Finest Rock Space. This was the second FESU show at Mercury, the last one featuring a bit of a different line-up. Show number two had a bit of a smaller crowd, but was still a pretty decent showing.

Musically, For Every Story Untold is damn solid. Drummer is aces, guitar guy a little wanky (and definitely in need of some fucking Sperzels) but still pretty aces. Bass is a little unobtrusive, but it leaves more space for the equally decent keys and Beth Gibbons vocals that the average FESU song sports. Problem is, unless there's a tune where the drummer is really mixing it up, the stage presence is sorely lacking with this crew, as is the crowd interaction. It would appear some mood lighting and visuals are in order. I understand I missed a real-life symposium on the weakness of Gibson headstock joints, which would have livened things up considerably personally, but save for that and the closing banjo number that kind of gave me heart palpitations, the kids need to work on the stage part of performance.

If you're intrigued, what I believe is the first recorded release from For Every Story Untold is available here via their web presence. Check there for video and word on live dates in 2012.


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