Monday, January 16, 2012

KRS-One - The BDP Album

Your boy KRS has definitely made the most of the digital age in recent years, dropping digital collabo releases right, left and center with the likes of peers like Buckshot and Bumpy Knuckles, not to mention Marley Marl. Those who felt those releases should be over the moon with the news that his newest release is called The BDP Album.

As you should have rightfully surmised by the title, Kenny Parker is behind the boards making things fresh for 2012 on The BDP Album (you suckers). And yes, the pairing is straight bananas. After a quick Kenny Parker drop, the opening Tote Gunz loops a B.I.G. hook you may remember, setting things off hard and keeping it there for the duration. Not too much in the way of guest spots, although Channel Live do resurface a couple songs in. Heads with any sense would do well to sell a Drake record or two and snap The BDP Album up with the quickness.


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