Monday, January 9, 2012

Live: Lifetime with Title Fight and Iron Chic @ Europa 1.7.12

Tickets for this show evaporated almost immediately on the heels of the Lifetime/Iron Chic factor. That was enough for me to pony up, and the rumor of Title Fight sweetened the pot, as they had been getting a fair amount of buzz and I hadn't gotten around to listening. Despite an egregious amount of neglect, my bike got me to Europa safely and bought me some decent real estate for Iron Chic.

Iron Chic have been a local success story for a couple years. The latest record Not Like This has moved some units and garnered them their first overseas touring this Summer. The crew has been laying low since their return and these shows marked their first in a bit outside of Long Island. The kids were excited as usual, churning up a maelstrom of bodies that doesn't exactly match up with their drunk pop-punk. Their customary seven song set made it easy to hit the high points of the catalog before demuring Dwarves-style after about their usual twenty minutes (and about as many beers).

Title Fight were up next. I had been mildly intrigued as they kind of hailed from where I grew up, but didn't figure on their being the worst parts of Fall Out Boy and Rise Against. Sound was pretty bad for most of their set and when things did clear up vocally, I realized the sound guy had been doing us a favor. Color them uber-meh and ask the silly bass player kid to stop his stupid Wentz jumping. Lifetime were up shortly thereafter. They are old. Not that I'm not, but they are looking a bit long in the tooth. The set was solid though, covering most, if not all the high points of their canon. Lots of stage presence from the crowd, but for the first time in a while no scamp pissed Ari enough to cut the set short. Check the set list (courtesy of and live in regret.


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