Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tenement - The Blind Wink

Regular readers are no doubt aware that JS-NYC likes themselves some Tenement. The Figgs meets Dinosaur Jr.-indebted rock stylings of last year's Napalm Dream found itself in heavy rotation and the prospect of a demos collection prompted much rejoicing at the HQ. It's a wise move, as the lack of a regular touring drummer makes Tenement a recording project a lot of the time. The Blind Wink gets you a dozen tracks for your indie rock dollar. Collector nerds should be aware that there is an exclusive track on the cassette version (?) that you can get here from your friends at Dead Broke Records. Those that have embraced a 21st Century technological sensibility should be aware that it comes with a download code. Of the twelve tracks, Dreaming Out Loud is reprised in alternate form, but the others are heretofore unreleased, to the best of my knowledge. I'd say Lost Love Star Lust is probably the best of the lot, but tuneful indie-pop fans will not be disappointed with any of the tracks on The Blind Wink.


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