Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free No Friends EP!

Another awesome blast of goodness from the friendless ones, this time in the form of the Traditional Failures EP. Wonderfully enough, this one's free. As often happens in this strange world, it's one of the few things I've heard recently that I'd be into paying for. Six tunes, five under the two minute mark, all in the Dag Nasty/Descendents vein. The closer even cops a little D Boon in the extended guitar coda that stretches the tune to an epic 2:45. You would be an idiot not to get this from your friends at Kiss Of Death here and certainly foolish to not see them on one of the dates below, if you were able.

See you in the pit!


Apr 2 2010
The PourhouseRaleigh, North Carolina
Apr 3 20108:00P
MACROCKHarrisonburg, Virginia
Apr 4 20106:00P
Corpse FortressDC, Washington DC
Apr 5 20108:00P
The Skid Row GarageYork, Pennsylvania
Apr 6 20108:00P
BosniaNew Brunswick, New Jersey
Apr 7 20108:00P
Church of BostonBoston, Massachusetts
Apr 8 20108:00P
Bruar FallsBrooklyn, New York
Apr 9 20108:00P
The TerrordomePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 10 20108:00P
The BikelotRichmond, Virginia