Saturday, March 13, 2010

Joey Cape & Jon Snodgrass - Liverbirds

Finally, we get the some recorded output of the delights we have enjoyed at the increasingly frequent duo shows with Mr. Joey Cape and Mr. Jon Snodgrass. Liverbirds has the two each doing songs from home teams Bad Astronaut and Lagwagon, plus a new chestnut from Herr Snodgrass. Joey is putting it out on his own label and has licensed it to Suburban Home. You can only get it on their dates together at this point, but SH is going to have it ready sometime in April.

Evidently Liverbirds shares its name with an Absolutely Fabulous-esque Brit-com featuring two besotted females. If you've seen any of these two jokers at shows and the Jager they consume thereat, you won't miss the allusion. Now, I'm the wrong person to ask if a Snodgrass release is a good one, but this shut in will argue that Liverbirds is even more awesome for the presence of Spiderman, Wolfman. The song sprung up extemporaneously at a New Haven show last Fall, was dabbled with the night after in NYC and is now canonized for your auditory pleasure. It also features a great version of Jessica's Suicide, although I think I prefer it with Cory Branan backing. That's no diss to Joey. I was never the hugest Lagwagon fan, but seeing the rampant adulation and volume of people traveling from as far as Germany to see his Cape-ness, I've kind of been bitten by the bug. I'm not sure I'd go see him solo, but I really like the tunes here. Head over to Suburban Home and get in on the pre-order here. Liverbirds comes highly recommended to anyone with a functioning set of ears.

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