Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live: Lucero with Glossary @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg 3.30.10

You can't sell camaraderie short. If you are unaware or without a working set of ears, Murfreesboro, TN's own Glossary are a great fucking band. So are Lucero, who have utilized the talents of Glossary guitarist/steel wunderkind Todd Beene for the last couple years as a touring member. For a lot of up-and-coming (or NYC) bands that would be both a death blow and a shrewd political move to keep the next band from overtaking their 21st Century devaluated five minutes of fame but Lucero have actually upped the ante by taking Glossary on the road and signing them to their own Liberty and Lament imprint. Sure Todd has to play two sets rather than one, but there are worse crosses to have to bear.

The first Glossary for their new bosses is called Feral Fire. Look for a full review soonish, but be informed that said record posits the valid question: What would Thin Lizzy sound like if they loved Fleetwood Mac and were from Tennessee rather than Dublin? Pretty fucking great sure seems to be the answer. Glossary have been beating their head against the wall for the last ten years and it's nice to finally see them getting some headway. They got a lot of notice for giving their last record away for free. For better or worse, they also got a nod from that fuckwit Conor Oberst, but let's not dwell on the negative. I showed up during the first song of their hour-long set and had my ass rocked for the duration. Joey seemed pretty shithoused, but he and his wife Kelly harmonized like a Volunteer State John and Exene nonetheless. I had hoped that the two were siblings, but my creepiness aside, one can only hope their relationship is as harmonious. I'd like to see Glossary at Mercury very soon. Here's hoping.

I had missed Lucero when they came through last time, as I was recording my bands debut EP with Mr. Dean Baltuonis, but was pleased to find that they were touring as a ten-piece with. I was also pleased to run into a gang of the Unified Scene kids, including the estimable Lawyer Chris and John Cake. They were in their cups, as was most of the younger part of the crowd. Why the crowds in recent years have gotten so rowdy with young drunk asshats, I am unsure, but know that they were out in force. I managed to stay on the periphery of the fray for the most part, but enjoyed John's simple and effective foot-dispensed prevention of douchebags stage-diving to Memphis roots rock immensely. We got most of the new 1372 Overton Place record, along with a healthy couple hours worth of back catalog. Cake cajoled Ain't No Sunshine out of the boys and Ben closed things with a solo version of the stellar Lonesome Dogtown Nights. I will again go on record with my incredulity over how that was left off the new record, but I assume we'll see it in some formally released version soon. Hopefully we'll see these two bands back in town soon as well. There are only a few dates on the docket at present, but keep checking in here to see when/if they are coming your way. Alone or together, Glossary and Lucero are two of America's finest bands. You would do well to save the cash from that Wilco ticket and see this bill twice.


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