Monday, March 1, 2010

Free So Hideous My Love ep download

So, on the open disclosure tip: This is my band.

Not in the "I founded and write all the stuff" end of things, but we've been together for a couple years now and have quite a canon of material. We've played (and will continue to play) out around NYC and beyond to good sized turnouts. This past Fall we went into the studio with our dear friend Dave Baltunois at his Wild Arctic Studios (what's up Leroy!) and came out with these three tracks. We've decided to call the EP I Balance A Daydream On The Edge Of A Knife and offer it to you all for free. We'd like to think we are in the same vein as Mono, Envy and Heaven In Her Arms. For the uninitiated, at it's basest form So Hideous My Love is essentially loud classical music with alternately guttural and clean vocals. There are strings and orchestration, but we will not hesitate to break it down on your fool ass if we deem it so necessary. If I may indulge in a rare moment of immodesty, we are good at what we do.

Download I Balance A Daydream On The Edge Of A Knife here. Do feel free to flame or pass around the link or mp3s as you see fit.



kevinmarshall said...

I actually got a copy of this on CD and have listened to it. It blew me away.

And I don't just say that because my brother (Jack) is your bandmate. Hey, I'm a terrible brother. I'd tell you all if it sucked.

But seriously, you guys did a fantastic job with this and should really take pride in what you're doing.

dako243 said...

Sounds good, Rob. Cheers! Looking forward to seeing you fellows live.