Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel

It's been a while since our dear Mr. Stubbs has seen fit to release a new Leatherface record. While the long-rumored Tiltwheel new record probably scores the Chinese Democracy prize for anticipation, outside of The Pill Cult only Leatherface can garner that obsessive a following in their downtime. The Stormy Petrel comes courtesy of Stubbs' own Big Ugly Fish Recordings and your friends at No Idea.

Our dear Mr. Stubbs maintains the sound equipment at Wembley Stadium when he isn't scarring his liver and vocal cords and the big sounds at work seem to have permeated the proceedings here. The Stormy Petrel really is one of the best in-your-face productions you'll hear in this day and age. It helps that there are great songs from stem to stern and Stubbs really is one hell of a great guitarist. That alone would carry the songs even if the lyrics were crap, but wonderfully enough, that's not the case either. There really isn't bad song here, plus I got to find out what a stoat is. Catch them on one of the last few dates (so far, I hope) on the current tour with Bridge and Tunnel and Yesterday's Ring and pick this up immediately from No Idea. Here's a link. Thank me later.


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