Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tubers - Anachronous

It’s been a twenty-five years since Revolution Summer, but evidently no one bothered to tell Tubers. Cultivated in the rich Florida soil that fostered Twelve Hour Turn and The South before them, Tubers ply their trade in the Dischord-ant rock bands like Fugazi and Dag Nasty did so well before them, with a soupcon of San Diego for good measure. The St. Augustine three piece certainly turns up the heat on Anachronous, throwing down meaty slabs of post-hardcore with shouted unison vocals that will have you spazzing around your favorite home-based listening station in short order. Rob McGregor displays the same production flair he has lent to the lion’s share of the No Idea roster, capturing the sound of a band that refuses to be contained. Placed in the same room, the men of Tubers coalesce into something that is much more than four guys in a room throwing down. And don’t get it twisted: throw down they do, but know that the men of Tubers are men of good general bearing and refinement, so you can rest assured that restraint is exercised (when need be).


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