Thursday, March 11, 2010

a whole lot of Drew @ The Creek And The Cave 3.6.10

So it's my boy Drew St. Aubin's 30th year. He's a good buddy and a hell of a musician, so I would give up my general hermitude anyway to celebrate one of his bands or his birthday. As I am not on the freakshow that is Facebook, I didn't realize that the evening was quite an ambitious endeavor featuring seven of his musical endeavors old and new. In a lot of ways I feel that ex-bandmates that aren't friends are much like ex-girlfriends in that you rarely need them around past your respective dalliances. As unlikable as I find him personally, it seems like it might be better to be in a band with the gent, as there was much musical love to be had for St. Aubin on the anniversary of his arrival. Here's a brief rundown:

I arrived just as Jim Of The Woods kicked things off. The ensemble marked another of the increasingly frequent Jim Wood solo band shows. This night featured the backing of his alden barton bandmates bassist Paul Bates on keys and the birthday boy on drums. It was the first time I heard any of his solo stuff, but within half a song it became obvious that Wood has talent as big as his beard, which is to say large. Keep an eye out for more solo shows soon.

Super Mirage were up next. A four, if I remember properly, piece that played the type of guitar driven indie rock I expected that (only band that didn't reunite, and the one with the most notoriety) Princeton Reverbs sounded like. A little Pavement, a lot of E6 Athensry. A good time. They were followed by more of the same with Mo' Matching Drapes, who I enjoyed until drinking with the birthday boy's lady took precedence.

Anger Management Seminar were next, and comprised the reason for the season for me musically this night. Drew had mentioned that they were the closest unit to my own little purveyors of blaaarrgh and my interest was definitely piqued. The gents dropped some angular Chicago meets DC rockage and featured a guitar presence whose hips were evidently possessed (very much to the positive) by Guy Picciotto. Good stuff, and obviously I'll be cadging the recorded material from Drew with some expediency.

By this point, Drew's voice was pretty much shot, and as I would be seeing the aldenbarton gents back 'headliner' Jason Anderson the following night, I eschewed both and rode my ass back to JS-NYC HQ. While I have seen aldenbarton many times, many other of you have not. You would do well to rectify that situation. Also know that the AB members are available for a myriad of musical projects and/or other proclivities, depending on the color of your cash. Seek them out at the aldenbarton web presence here.


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