Monday, March 15, 2010

Mutoid Men - Mutoid World

Regular readers are no doubt familiar with my love of Shorebirds and their It's Gonna Get Ugly record. The amalgam of Jawbreaker and Latterman really worked for me and I was pretty bummed to see them go the way of the Buffalo. Which is not to say that I'm not totally ga-ga for RVIVR or pretty stoked that Matt and Chris are playing together in Mutoid Men. I was pretty cool with the two M words that comprised their title, but when the most dreaded of M words, that being Moog, was bandied about in conjunction with the new project, a creeping sense of dread started to ooze itself into the back of my mind. Before the douchebags totally killed it for me, the first nail in the coffin of SXSW for me was the Analog Keyboard Holocaust of '98 when bands like Servotron and Brainiac bleeped and blorped their way through raping my ears. While there are some questionable burbles from where I'm sitting, the analog keys are rightfully relegated to the background for the most part and as such Mutoid World rocks hard enough that I can deal. Things shoot past in under 20 minutes, but don't think you're going to get Sore Throat. Some tracks are under a minute, but the average is a little over two, allowing for things to romp Pixies-like without overstaying their welcome. You can grab vinyl over at the Rumbletowne web presence and very probably at No Idea. I'd buy it, even if they do insist on calling it Scientific Rock.


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