Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gary Allan - Get Off On The Pain

Working on the periphary of the ad industry for a decade has made the mute button and DVR very close friends. I was watching Conan a couple years ago and happened to look up to see Gary Allan and his band on the screen. The sound was muted, but as they panned from band member to band member I realized I hadn't seen a bunch of guys that looked like that much trouble since the good old bad days of Steve Earle and his Dukes. I caught the end of Watching Airplanes, rewound, and realized that I was going to have to get me some fucking Gary Allan records. As one often does in these matters, I asked my boy Steve Koch and solidified the deal with a gang of GA for the Ipod. He's definitely new country, but but contemporary Nashville standards, he's GG Allin. Think a more clean cut Jamey Johnson, or a more mainstream Shooter Jennings. The production sure is big, but it's not altogether a bad thing when you have songs as good as the ones on Get Off On The Pain. They could have pared the strings down a tad, but all in all, it is a truly skewed world if this record doesn't sell enormous numbers. I'd assume you're going to have to go to one of the big box retailers to get a hard copy of this, but it's well worth the indignity to get. Keep track of Gary Allan's whereabouts here and stay tuned to JS-NYC to see if I like this record enough to see him play with Brooks & Dunn.