Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Takers - Taker Easy

The Takers hail from Gainesville but don't make the kind of No Idea friendly punk rock you have come to expect from bands from that town. Sharing some members with local twangsters Whiskey & Co, they have embraced a little more of the outlaw country vibe. The common denominator seems to be alcohol and The Takers do not seem like to strangers to it's consumption or the repercussions that often follow in its wake. The Takers are another band that's been snapped up by America's Finest Roots Label, Suburban Home, joining a roster of great bands like Drag The River and Ninja Gun in making some pretty great twang to lift a beer to. While The Takers are undoubtably good, I'd say they have a little growing to do before they finally turn into a great band. They sound a little young, like they got their perspective drinking their way though a Haggard box set rather than actually living their tales, but still manage to muster up a good head of steam on tracks like Social Smoker and North Side Of Me. The split they recently recorded with the great Austin Lucas is also well worth checking out. It's a good collaboration and hopefully his influence will rub off on the gents. The Takers sound like a decent band in the making that needs to get out of town and actually live the tales they tell.

You can keep tabs on The Takers here. Were you of a mind, you can purchase Taker Easy from the good folk of Suburban Home here.

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