Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live: forgetters, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, Thought and Memory @ Lit Lounge 9.18.9

After the ridiculous punk rock scavenger hunt that the early Thorns Of Life shows ended up being, it was nice to find that Blake had: (1) got another band together in short order and (2) actually started letting people know about the shows. In typical fashion, the first show was a secret and in Crown Heights (see stolen pic at left), but show number two was announced and at Lit Lounge. To sweeten the pot, the show was headlined by Golden City, the newest franchise from ex-Christie Front Drive/The 101 mastermind Eric Richter. I figured it would be a bit of a madhouse, so Eric, Keri and I showed up early and staked out some real estate and libation.

Our early arrival allowed us to catch the full complement of openers, including the lead-off Brooklynites Thought and Memory. I'm glad we did. They had an Explosions In The Sky/This Will Destroy You thing going on that I'd like to hear a whole lot more of in this town. No singer, two guitars, bass and drums. I would definitely recommend checking them out. Hell, I hope So Hideous can play with them sometime soon. Solar Powered Sun Destroyer played next. They are from DC, but don't sound especially like the average band you've heard from The District. In fact, I'd say they are a little ballsy in that a lot of the vocals sounded a hell of a lot like Christie Front Drive. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be sounding that close to another band on the bill, but that really not this asshole's problem. I'll also keep my suggestion on the name change to myself.

forgetters were the reason for the season for me. Seven songs in just under a half-hour, with no retreads from the Thorns material. They all sounded like fast Blake Schwarzenbach songs, so if you've liked any of his musical projects, you will not find forgetters to be a drastic departure. I recorded the show. If you'd like it, and you're not going to sell it or otherwise rankle them, e-mail me and I'll send you a link. forgetters actually have a collective web presence, so keep track of their upcoming shows (and Blake's political leanings) here.

All props are due to Golden City, but Daddy had to get home to keep up false pretenses for the family. I hear the show was good. Keep track of when I'll see them next here.


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