Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucero - 1372 Overton Park

Discriminating readers are no doubt well aware of the love that JS-NYC has for the merry men of Lucero. I've posted Barry Bonds numbers when it comes to seeing their live shows and certainly don't intend to miss any of the upcoming shows behind their stellar new record 1372 Overton Park. Most of the songs here have popped up in the Lucero live set over the past year. A search over at Nine Bullets will garner you live versions of many of the tracks, including the glaring omission from 1372 that is Lonesome Dogtown Nights. The twelve tracks that did make the cut for 1372 Overton Park feature some great new additions to the Lucero canon in Darken My Door and the Townes Van Zandt homage Darken My Door. Horns make an appearance on a couple of the tracks, mostly to their advantage. I'm a little more ambivalent about the Skynyrd turn a couple of the tracks take, not because I don't love Southern Rock, but because the douche factor has skyrocketed at Lucero shows in recent years. Nothing about 1372 Overton is going to drive fans away, at least any of their fans with ears. There was a pretty sweet pre-order going on, so step lively and snag yourself one stat.


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