Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chris Knight - The Trailer Tapes II

The Trailer Tapes II is (shockingly enough) the second installment of demos from the proud son of Slaughters, KY that is Chris Knight. Knight has been pretty successful in recent years as a songwriter for other Nashville acts. His tracks have charted highly for ear-rape ensembles like Montgomery Gentry and Confederate Railroad, affording him the luxury of touring sporadically while still keeping the lights on. TT II features 12 more tracks recorded solo and acoustic in a double-wide trailer way back in 1996. Nine of them eventually appeared on later Knight releases and three unreleased tracks that are pretty much as good.

You can pick up a copy of Trailer Tapes II from our dear Mr. Knight via this link. Turn that Toby Keith CD into the coaster that it deserves to become and remind yourself what real songwriting sounds like.


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