Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bomb - Speed Is Everything

The Bomb is Jeff Pezzati's from Naked Raygun's new project. He's got a gang of Chicago heavy hitters, including Pete Mittler and Mike Soucy of The Methadones as a rhythm section. Not a bad choice in any of them. Pete is way up in the mix, as well it should be and Soucy shows why he's also played with The Arrivals and The Copyrights of late.

Speed Is Everything sounds exactly like what you would hope a post-Raygun project sounds like. A pummeling rhythm section, jagged guitar and lots of whoa-oh are to be had for all those that dare venture. If you are one to judge a record by its guest appearances, you can feel good that the Punk Rock Odd Couple of Dan Yemin and Bob Nanna make guest appearances on the record. There are some very 80s pop moments in tracks like A Song For The Helenas and Space Age Love Song, the latter a track that posits a bastard union of Alphaville and Raygun. You would almost think that track was some deep cut from a John Hughes soundtrack. The track features the Nanna guest turn, lending a bit of undue smoothness to the proceedings that is quickly punted into the pit by Integrity the track that follows. No hatecore homage, just the closest thing to Raygun you're going to hear here and something damn good.

After releasing their debut on Thick, Speed Is Everything is yet another feather in the indian headdress of a label that is No Idea. I trust they will be at The Fest as well. I'd pick this up quicklike. They'll be in town on 10/24 at Europa with Used Kids and Basement Black. Good openers, but this might be a bit of a humbler for them, as The Bomb certainly tend to live up their namesakes. Hope the youngsters bring their A game.

Find The Bomb here.


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