Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grabass Charlestons - Razorcake Sister Series 7"

So this is the sister 7" to the Arrivals 7" that is so popular here at JS-NYC HQ. I have a couple Grabass records that I enjoy, but they never got the love that Gunmoll or The Tim Version enjoy around here. Listening to this, I think some revisitation is in order. Four songs here, one of which is a pretty ripping cover of The Arrivals chestnut -1. All pretty aces. Trust me, there are far worse ways to spend $4 in this days and age. Pick it up from Razorcake via this handy link. There is a package deal, too. West Coast residents should prepare their livers for their imminent tour with Dillinger Four. Get the skinny on that from the Grabass web presence here.


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