Monday, September 21, 2009

Brokedowns/Turkish Techno 7"

Here we have a little split from the good folk of Traffic Street Records, featuring Cali punks Turkish Techno and Midwestern ruffians The Brokedowns. First off, I'm not sure why I find the Mitch Clem cover art so unsettling. I'm not going to dwell too much on it and move straight to The Brokedowns. They have the cover of the new Razorcake and to read the article play a lot with Dillinger Four and The Arrivals. Three guesses as to whether it gets props over at JS-NYC? While I do enjoy wallowing in negativity, The Brokedowns are pretty impressive. There's a good amount of D4 and Off With The Heads in the mix and they are just gruff and shouty enough to get me to shout along. I'd venture the neighbors would prefer I enjoy the record a little earlier in the evening, but intensive research has revealed that side A is aces pretty much anytime.

Turkish Techno hold down the b-side of things for the West Coast. They wouldn't be a sore thumb over at Recess Records, what with their F.Y.P pounding drums and jagged guitar. The tempo is set to romp and the vocals to gang, making Turkish Techno a band that I'd like to see swinging through Lost and Found sometime soon. I don't have the attention span for the average 7", but there are downloads with every purchase, so maybe buy it for the rock and add the insert to your Mitch Clem collection. It's only $3.50 and you can get it from Traffic Street here via this delightful link.


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glad you like it!