Sunday, March 1, 2009

O Pioneers!!! - Neon Creeps

O Pioneers hail from the Lone Star State of Texas, Houston to be exact, but damn if they don't sound like they are one of the If You Make It bands from my fair city of NYC. Think Thousandaires or Get Bent. There are some gruffer parts, like on 9am Every Day, where it gets kind of early Hot Water Music, but for the most part Neon Creeps seems indebted to the mid 90s Midwestern rock that I hold so dear. 

O Pioneers have released just under a million records since their inception. If you believe what you read on the interwebs, there have been six members in and out of the band since the last recording. The ones that stuck around sure have made one hell of a good record.  Neon Creeps is the first for Asian Man. I suspect Mr. Park will be pleased with results. I know I was. I'm even more pleased to find that they are playing at Lost & Found, provided this winter weather doesn't strand them somewhere. Buy a copy of Neon Creeps from Asian Man here, see them at Lost & Found, and keep tabs on their Texas asses here


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