Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Halftime Show 11th Anniversary Show download - part two

Now this shit is crazy. Second half of the Halftime Show 11th Anniversary Show set featured DJ Premier, Tony Touch and the Beatminerz. As you might suspect, it's pretty fucking bananas. 

Primo sets it off with some cuts from Heather B and Rakim, then rubs it in for another fifteen or so, before closing by chiding DJs that don't know their cuts and threatening to battle any other 42 year old DJs. Classic! Big Up Primo. Keep tabs on Primo, All Day Records and Works Of Mart here.

Tony Touch steps up next and tears shit up in a pronounced fashion. No deep cuts, or all that many out and out songs for that matter, but even in truncated form it's obvious that Toca is a master of the blend. Plus he thought that he was supposed to spin the next day and showed up in like an hour's notice. Time to prepare aside, you'll nod your head and shake your ass for the duration. Toca's up to Vol. 86 of the mixtape series and is gearing up for a redo of the 50 MCs tape for release 100, so keep an eye out. Check his whereabouts here.

With only fifteen minutes left, Da Beatminerz kinda got the short end of the stick, but Bushwick never has fucked around, so Evil D dropped platter after platter of Boot Camp griminess until the bell rang. Lots of deep cuts, old Smif and Wessum and Buckshot stuff, plus some KRS-One Nelly diss shit for some old school flavor. Boot Camp is always banging, and despite the fact that I'd would have like to have heard more Sean P up in the set, they were pressed for time and Mr. Walt didn't even get on. I shudder to think what crap pre-empted the Beatminerz set, but keep tabs on all things Beatminerz here. Duck Down!

Big up WKCR and The Halftime Show. Thanks to Robbie at Unkut for hosting the downloads.


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