Friday, March 6, 2009

DJ Shakim - SOHH Old School Mix

Respect due to They are on top of all the hip-hop goings-on, have good video stuff, and most troubling for, seemingly have more bandwidth than the average site. There's a pretty good little old-school mix there, courtesy of the Atlanta branch of the SOHH and DJ Shakim of the World Famous Super Friends. Nothing out of the ordinary, save for a Special Ed joint that isn't I'm The Magnificent. It's worth a listen if you want a little taste of the old school but don't want to mix it yourself. Snag it off the link here

Speaking of free good things, has got a gang of free mixes over at their site. Big up to Kats! Look for a dedicated series on their stuff in the coming weeks. While you're waiting for the JS-NYC spotlight to shine it's light, check out freeicecream here


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