Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Golden Age Of Radio - Get Awesome EP at If You Make It

There are a host of new delights up at the ever-awesome If You Make It site. You'll be hearing about a bunch of them soon, but our first patient is The Golden Age Of Radio, who have a four song demo EP called Get Awesome up for free there. Here's a link.

Express Train has shared mail and female vocals ala Bridge and Tunnel that work for the most part, save for a particularly pitchy female section towards the end. I, Pirate gets a little more towards Lauren Measure territory in a very nice way.  This is only four songs, and definitely has some mixing issues, but there is some strong material lurking behind the overly loud vocals. The Golden Age Of Radio show a lot of potential. They have a way to go before they earn the stature alluded to in the EPs title, but another six months and a little more attention to levelling and pitch, and I can see us hearing a lot more from this Brooklyn foursome. Keep tabs on them here and follow their path to awesomeness.


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