Monday, March 2, 2009

The Jealous Sound - Got Friends

I'm not sure how this flew under my radar, but The Jealous Sound have a new EP out. I had seen a clip on punknews that there was a record in the pipeline, entitled Got Friends. Then back in October, the kids released an I-Tunes only EP, also called Got Friends, comprised of three tracks and two remixes of the now-ubiquitous Got Friends. Both of the remixes are of the techno variety, my apologies if there is some particular subgenre that Mssrs. Figurine and J. McGinnis belong to that I'm (blessedly) out of the loop on. They remind me a lot of Jimmy Tamborello's Dntel stuff, and lo and behold! As I googled Tamborello to get the Dntel spelling right, I see that Figurine is Tamborello, so chalk one up for the home team. Either way, it sounds like The Jealous Sound, or perhaps more accurately a Blair Shehan record, and that's a good thing. It's been a long time, almost six years, since we've heard anything from TJS, and the three songs here seem well worth the wait. Pick up Got Friends from the good folk of I-tunes and keep track of all things The Jealous Sound via this handy link.