Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Superchunk - Leaves In The Gutter EP

With all the ridiculousness going on in this world, it's refreshing to know that there are certain things you can count on. For me, the mighty Superchunk are that bedrock upon which I can weakly cling to in this world of shitty reverb bands and horrible electronic ear rape. 

Superchunk have been up on blocks for the most part of the last five years. There were the odd gigs for anniversaries, Dinosaur reunions, and Obama rallies, but they've made it tough for those of us who can't get enough of the sweet Chunky goodness. Those shows have featured smatterings of new material, most notably for me Learned To Surf, but save for Misfits and Mistakes popping up on the soundtrack to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie (with Meatwad on vocals), the new stuff has gone unrecorded.

Cue the happy dance as Mac announced the release of the Leaves In The Gutter EP, which has full band and demo versions of the afore-lauded Learned To Surf, along with two new tracks and a Mac fronted Misfits and Mistakes. Three guesses as to whether I think this is fabulous? Ok, you beat it out of me: this is pretty great and yes, you should use this link and preorder Leaves In The Gutter prior to it's actual release on 4/7. You can stream the songs there, too.
Superchunk are playing the Cradle next month as well as Coachella. Get the skinny here and stay tuned for the Chunk 20th Anniversary shows soon.

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Jeff Stern said...

One of the benefit concerts they did last year is available online at http://www.cytunes.org/artist/32/ with all proceeds going to support brain cancer research in memory of Cy Rawls.