Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live: The Love Story at Cake Shop 3.27.9

The Love Story have been around for a while now. The trio released a great EP on their own Blonde Records in 2004, following up with their first full-length , the self-titled The Love Story in 2007. The band has a mid 90's Midwestern sound, with early Liz Phair stuff being a good touchstone. No bass, although singer Molly Donahue handles that role nicely with some tasty single note lines that mesh nicely with co-guitarist Renn Cheadle's more textural contributions. Donahue uses a fair amount of reverb on her voice, filling out the band's sound without going all Mazzy Star on us. She's been tentative live in recent years, but the recent shows have found The Love Story a lot more comfortable in their own skin.

The band was plagued by the usual monitor problems a band playing Cake Shop has to weather, but The Love Story really tore the place down. They might not have been able to hear themselves, but the rest of the room could and their loss was definitely our gain. There is a quiet intensity to The Love Story that a lot of bands really lack. They also lack drummer Jason Trammel, an absolute metronomic terror whose swing is as strong as his stagewear is questionable. Five years as a band have coalesced the band into the only band around today that I believe I can reasonably support that doesn't have an actual bass player in their ranks. 

The Love Story have a new record called Mink out now. Look out for a review here soon, but don't postpone joy waiting for the JS-NYC seal of approval. You can buy Mink in tangible or digital form here from Blonde Records for a mere $10. Buy the vinyl and get a cd copy with it. You could do a lot worse for a sawbuck. Keep track of TLS here.


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