Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Shaking Hands - The Shaking Hands

The Shaking Hands are from Gainesville, FL and evidently used to be the millionth band to try and claim The Horror as a moniker. While they are on Kiss Of Death and probably beer aficionados, they aren't exactly the average post-Raygun beardo franchise we've come to expect from that town. 

The Shaking Hands play a little bit more of the British punk, albeit filtered through a Rancid kind of sensibility. I think we've all figured out that sleeve tattoos do not a punk (or metal for that matter) band make, but there doesn't seem to be any poser-dom lurking the band's ranks. Two of the dudes are also in The Young Livers, who I don't recall caring for, but I think I'm going to have to revisit after hearing The Shaking Hands. It's got some great shout-a-long parts and the one-two punch of Breathe and Jackson's Coal is something that most bands would give their Dual Rectifiers to have. There are 10 songs in 28 minutes, virtually insuring you'll be putting this bad boy on over and over again. Pop over here to hear some samples of what The Shaking Hands have to offer. Or just cut to the chase and buy the damn thing here.


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