Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saigon and Statik Selektah - All In A Day's Work

Saigon's The Greatest Story Ever Told is rapidly becoming hip-hop's Chinese Democracy. I'd venture it hasn't been afforded the same budget, as Sai Gitty isn't exactly profiling in Ferraris, but the record has been gestating for an eternity. David Banner even released a great record with the same title last year. The record has been bouncing around from label to label. God knows where Just Blaze has it now, word is perhaps the new Jay-Z imprint, but in the interim, Sai has been beefing with Joe Budden and releasing some mixtape joints.

All In A Day's Work ups the ante a bit for the average rapper on the grind, purporting to have been recorded in a single day (ok, 26 hours). It's dropping on the previously dissed Amalgam Digital and while it's only a little over a half-hour, it's not going to make heads fiend any less for The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Yardfather is on fire here, rhyming over eleven Statik Selektah beats solo for the most part, save for a Busta Rhymes cameo. I don't envy rappers who are going to have to drop records in the wake of All In A Day's Work. Pick it up here from the good folk of Amalgam Digital. Saigon and Statik have set a new standard for hip-hop collabos. All you wack-ass marks best start writing. The Yardfather is back and he's got Statik with him. Consider yourself warned.


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