Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Raveonettes - Beauty Dies EP

I can't say that I was ever the hugest fan of the Raveonettes. I saw them around and was passingly aware of them recording their first record at Looking Glass, but they seemed a little flavor of the month for me. I figured we'd see them going the way of the The Hives and/or The Strokes, but lo and behold they have dropped a gang of EPs, encompassing remixes, Christmas fare, as well as Beauty Dies. It's some real ear candy, with lush synths and hazy drums that support singer Sharin Foo's gauzy vocals nicely. Grammy winning producer Mario McNulty does a nice job of reconciling the band's Velvet Underground leanings with their love for electronica. It's probably the best Raveonettes recording I've heard so far, and if they keep going on like these four tunes, they may have a new fan here at JS-NYC.

Keep tabs on with going's on in the world of the Raveonettes here. If you're feeling friendly, befriend them here.

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Bon Jonham said...

Yeah, I thought these kids would poop out quick too, but they seem to have just gotten better since getting dropped by sony. BTW: some of Mario's best studio stories come from their first sessions at LGS. Worth buying the boy a beer or two...