Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jr. Juggernaut - Ghost Poison

Jr. Juggernaut are one of the more recent signings by Virgil Dickerson and the Good Folk Of Suburban Home Records. I fell pretty hard for the tune Suburban Home put on their recent comp. Another Two Weeks was said tune and it got under my skin and on to my playlists until I managed to score a copy of Ghost Poison.I have to say that when I threw this on the first time I was a bit disappointed, but that must have been the holidaze weighing too heavily on the proceedings. I've played it two or three times in the last day or so and I'm prepared to commit to it being pretty awesome. There are couple 'jammy' moments that I could do without, but I bet I'd think differently a couple beers in at the live show.

Jr. Juggernaut are pretty representative of the stuff Suburban Home has been releasing of late. The LA based three-piece seems well informed of Mssrs. Young (Neil and Angus) and Westerberg; with Mike Williamson breaking strings and singing for the crew. He's a got a whiskey-rough voice that suits the band's Tom Petty through a tube screamer grit. Drummer Waleed Rashidi kicks it up a notch, chipping in on backing vocals sometimes, too. Their voices work well together and it fattens up the sound nicely. It's a good sound that probably gets them a good bit of notice in the fake wasteland of their LA home base. Think an L.A. Drag The River without so much of a punk pedigree. Trust me, it's a good thing. There has been a holiday sale over at Suburban Home that may well have passed. Check out here and see, and know that it's worth paying the dirt cheap $9 they are/were asking normally.


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