Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aneurysm Rats - Dying To Live

Aneurysm Rats is a new hardcore band from Philly that features guitarist Colin McGuinness (who used to play in Paint It Black) with Larry from Crumbler shredding his vocal cords for your pleasure. They played their first show November 11th and dropped this little chestnut for your pleasure a mere three days afterward on FlightPlan Records. It was, and maybe still is, available for free via a link on poppunkbored. That's where I got it, at least.

While I got it for free, I'd pay for this. Dying To Live has the fearsome fivesome displaying Bad Brains/Minor Threat brevity and speed, combined with some prudent whoa-oh action (like on Left To Right) to keep things fun and exciting. It's definitely more Cons than combat boot, so you can probably mix it up in the pit without fear of an unsolicited (or, at best unwarranted) beat down, if that's your thing. That's kinda refreshing in this day and age. The longest song is just over two minutes, so you'll have ample time to catch your breath in-between songs. It's also the first song, so if you're the type who loses interest quickly, it's a quick dash to the finish, so stick it out.

I suspect we'll see these kids in town soon, hopefully with Psyched To Die and even more hopefully not in the basement of The Charleston. Time will tell. In the meantime, keep tabs on the gents here and check out the rest of the FlightPlan stuff here.


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