Monday, December 29, 2008

Yo Man Go - Discography at If You Make It

Here's a good fucking time hiding behind a not-so-especially good band name. Yo Man, Go are yet another of the stellar bands I've been exposed to through the good folk of If You Make It. That site is a godsend. Yo Man, Go are salve for sore ears their own selves. Despite their PA pedigree, they combine the best of the Long Island and Gainesville punk sounds, perhaps with a bit of Lifetime. There are evidently ex-Off Minor and RAMBO dudes in the franchise, but you'd be hard pressed to connect the two from the songs here.

Don't get it twisted though, all of the nine songs in the discography are damn solid, hooky pop-punk from stem to stern, but not in a cheesy New Found Glory sort of way. They seem equally well suited to bars or basements, so long as you can get your fists in the air and sing along. I've been doing it around the house and it works just as well here. I'd lose the earnest spoken parts, but I guess it's too late now, as Yo Man, Go! have seemingly gone the way of the Buffalo. In the meantime, snag the nine songs from If You Make It here and leave a donation on your way out.


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Bon Jonham said...

Another keeper from the IYMI crew. Good spotting on these kids, Rob. They're putting out some great stuff.