Monday, December 15, 2008

Useless I.D. - The Lost Broken Bones

Unless you're a native or Tim Krysko from Punk International, chances are that Useless I.D. are your favorite Israeli punk band. And probably your only. They've been around since the early 90s, releasing their records on their own Falafel Records before a fortuitous tour with the Ataris begat a split cd and dalliances with Kung-Fu Records and Fat Wreck.

2008 finds Useless on Suburban Home. Virgil puts in work, but lately he's really been knocking it out of the park internationally, too. Hopefully by this time tomorrow we'll hear that he's signed Yesterday's Ring and will be releasing the 20 or so songs I hear Hugo and the boys have recorded of late. If that happens, I may move to Denver. All digression aside, Useless ID play their trade in the SoCal Lagwagon/NUFAN end of the melodic punk spectrum. It's pretty smooth, with sung vocals, but fast enough to get you in trouble. They are another happy client of The Blasting Room, having recorded their last couple records there with Bill Stevenson. He's done his usual great job. Everything sounds bright and shiny. If there were still MTV and radio, I'd expect to hear stuff like The Lost Broken Bones on it.

Save for the song that sounds a little uncomfortably like the new-school neutered Alkaline Trio, The Lost Broken Bones is a great record, and I only point out the A3 thing because it seems a little bit of a stretch toward a sound that isn't exactly theirs (and very probably because I'm sort of a dick). Useless ID sound enough like their own band on the rest of The Lost Broken Bones that they really don't need to make concessions to win more Warped fans.

Virgil and Suburban Home have been displaying a Midas Touch for a while now. It's been twangier fare of late, but leave it to those kids to pull a punk band out of their hats just to remind you where they came from. What's next? A Gamits reunion record? I wouldn't put it past those kids. Keep up on the daily goings-on at Suburban Home here and Useless ID here. That said, someone really needs to get cracking on an all-female punk band called Useless I.U.D. Just a thought. Thank me later.


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