Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Whiskey Trench download at If You Make It

Whiskey Trench hail from Montreal, home of the loveliest women (and smelliest men) in the world. They play the punk rock in the time-honored Naked Raygun/Jawbreaker tradition and have Hugo Mudie from Sainte Catherines/Yesterday's Ring playing guitar and singing lead. For the average American (that isn't a Dumps fan) Mudie is probably your initial reason for checking these guys out, although I'm pretty sure they've played some Long Island shows. I wasn't familiar with The Sainte Catherines prior to Vanessa at Fat sending me Dancing For Decadence, but upon pulling the string a bit, I became a pretty big fan of TSC, their country side project Yesterday's Ring even more so. Frankly, I figured Mudie was stretching himself a little thin with three bands, but dammit if Whiskey Trench aren't pretty damn good their own bad selves. With The Good Sun E.P. Whiskey Trench come out the gate slinging hooks, romping through four tunes in short order. This was released as a 7" on Dead Broke Rekerds initially, it's way sold out by now, but the awesome folk of If You Make It have teamed up with DBR to make it available as a free download here. The last song cuts off, but if you're savvy enough to download from IYMI, I expect you can probably troll around and get the full version somewhere.

There are evidently new Whiskey Trench releases a'comin in the new year. I'm not sure who's releasing it, but keep tabs on the gents here. There are four more MP3s there, too.

Kudos to Whiskey Trench, Dead Broke Rekerds and If You Make It for making great stuff like this available. Download it and leave a donation afterward, willya. Punks got bills, too.


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