Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Live: Batillus at Lit 12.1.8

Yes, I know that the pic is for the show this weekend, but take notice, as (both) you fools should be seeing as much of Batillus as possible. This is the second, if not third time they've laid waste to that charming basement, but the first with their imposing backline of doom (Doom?). Rest assured that there was wattage to spare but don't think the gents are trying to hide anything with all those decibels. Batillus has an obvious sense of craft that is sorely lacking with a lot of bands.

Currently a three piece, the gents are looking for a fourth member to play guitar and perhaps do some vocals. Check their MySpace for more info. I appreciate their pushing the envelope, but Batillus are a force to be reckoned with, especially their drummer. That guy does not fuck around, and manages to be heard without the benefit of amplification, which is a feat unto itself. There was a killer new unnamed tune, along with the songs that will comprise their first recording, whenever that may drop. Hopefully it's soon. The neighbors have been lulled into a false sense of complacency and it's best if they not get used to such quiescence.

In the meantime, get off your duff and check out the gents at Death By Audio on 12/6. B A T I L L U S will be rocking with the gents below.

Tombs (Relapse Records; Brooklyn black/doom)
Moving Mountains (post-rock)
Junius (epic cinematic art rock)
Rosetta (dynamic, aggressive post-metal)

I understand that if you make the image that I have displayed to the left your profile picture on the Myspace and post a comment, you can get free admission to Death By Audio show and a copy of the image in poster form, but check their MySpace here and sort it out with them.

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