Thursday, August 16, 2012

Live: Wussy @ Mercury Lounge 8.11.12

pic by acidjack, stolen w/apologies
Wussy shows are not generally missed by the JS-NYC franchise and as this run through town ended up being at NYC's best live venue, pains were taken to insure our presence, especially in light of our heroes being inexplicable openers for Philly's (unkn)own Low Cut Connie. Props should be given to LCG for facilitating Wussy's presence, as evidently they had some issues getting noticed/booked at Mercury previously.

I would venture it won't be an issue next time, as Wussy filled the room with equal parts fan and rock in their usual time-honored fashion. Col and I rolled in, said hi to the lovely Essie and posted up just before things jumped off for a ten song run with Funeral Dress. The opening slot precluded things stretching out, but Chuck did offer to show his pecker (quote) to a guy celebrating his birthday, so the teaser set wasn't a total loss. The new Strawberry got a decent amount of love, including a pretty aces swing through Grand Champion Steer. Sadly, no Little Miami, but I expect we'll get Wussy back for a headlining slot soon, especially after their run of dates opening for The Afghan Whigs.

If you missed the show, hopes are high for your having one hell of a good excuse, but you can ease the pain by grabbing the recording the estimable NYCTaper has kindly made available for your downloading pleasure. Get the recording here and use this link keep track of all other things Wussy.


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